Eco Driving Techniques

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There are many smart and safe driving techniques which drivers can use to significantly reduce fuel costs, one of the best way for drivers to learn these techniques is to participate in a one hour Ecodriving driver training course. These courses have a proven record and have helps achieved considerable saving. Drivers are trained by suitable qualified driving instructors

The key benefits of Ecodriving include:

15% reduction in fuel consumption*

15% reduction in CO2*

The scheme is open to drivers of cars and vans (not exceeding 3,500kg) with either an manual or automatic transmission

The cost of the course is: £35 and last, 1 hour

The training course costs are all tax deductable




Please note:

  • 1. The Scheme only operates in England
  • Training must take place in England
  • Training is not available to private individuals.

DfT figures*

Golden rules to save fuel

  • Anticipate Traffic Flow
  • Maintain a steady speed at low RPM
  • Shift up early
  • Check tyre pressures frequently at least once a month
  • Remove roof racks when not in use
  • Drive at an appropriate speed and within the speed limit
  • Remove any un- necessary clutter from the vehicle. 

Please contact me for further information